Halo Polibuild Student Kit with Lamp (SK104)


See description for more information of contents for this student kit

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  • PU19138 Halo Nylon Drawstring Bag – Grey
  • N870 Halo Desk Mat
  • N2905 Halo Prep & Scrub 100ml
  • N1189 Halo Elite Nail Wipes (melt-blown) 200s
  • N11536 Halo Elite Buffer File 100/180 (pack of 2)
  • N11831 Halo Elite File Zebra Half-Moon File 100/180 Individual
  • N11851 Halo Elite File Zebra Half-Moon File 240/240 Individual
  • N842 Halo Plush Brush
  • N2536 Cosmeticide Spray 500ml
  • N2300 Pure Nails Cuticle Feed 15ml
  • N330 Pure Nails Acetone 125ml
  • N860 Halo PoliBuild Liquid Control 100ml
  • N837 Halo PoliBuild Dual Tool
  • N846 Halo PoliBuild Bright White 40g
  • N845 Halo PoliBuild Clear 40g
  • N848 Halo PoliBuild Cover Pink 40g
  • N2901 Halo Gel Polish 8ml Rubber Base Coat
  • N714 Glass Dappen Dish Clear
  • N868 Halo PoliBuild Tube Key
  • N98 Pure Nails Brush On Nail Glue 10g
  • N2199 Revolution Tips Mixed 100s
  • N958 Pure Nails Manicure Tool
  • N121 Pure Nails Cuticle Nipper
  • N835 Pure Nails Tip Cutter
  • E132 Halo Smart Lamp Compact (dual cure)
    RRP: £198.13

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