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Professional Beauty Treatments in York

Professional Beauty Training in York


Profession Beauty Training offer a complete range of beauty therapy training courses in York, Birmingham, Huddersfield and Sheffield with other venues coming soon.

All beauty courses include lots of practical training.




1 day – £150 brow

Shaping-course 200

Learn how to tint the brows and lashes, shape the brows and apply partyflare lashes. contra-indication, contra-actions, application, removal

and after care.


These extensions are a move away from the traditional strip lashes that everyone has painstakingly tried to apply at one time or another. Instead, these are individual lashes which are added to the clients own natural lash for a truly fabulous effect. Clients can achieve anything from dramatically sweeping lashes to a generally thicker and fuller effect.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering a professional eyelash extension treatment and includes a practical training session and assessment.
This course covers the technique for eyelash extension application for both individual and flare as well as the correct removal and maintenance of lashes.

The course includes anatomy and physiology of the hair and eye, contra-indications and contra-actions to treatment and consultation and aftercare advice


Waxing is an excellent addition to any treatment menu and provides repeat business as it is an essential maintenance option for many clients.

The PBT waxing course covers the various types of hair removal, anatomy and physiology, skin disorders and diseases, contra-actions and contraindications, consultation, technique and aftercare.

INTIMATE WAXING (1/2 day) – £150


Learn the latest techniques using hot Brazilian wax to safely perform Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.



£200 if anatomy and physiology of face pack is required (usually £120 extra)

facial-course Performing a facial treatment is an opportunity for you to give your client a relaxing and enjoyable treatment designed to improve and rejuvenate their skin.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering a professional facial and includes a practical training session and assessment.


Anatomy and physiology of the face pack required, or free if you should study the Facial therapy days.

Or £200 for makeup and cleanse routine.

You will cover contra-indication, hygienic practice, contra-actions, corrective techniques, face shapes, day or bridal make up and evening or occasion make up looks.

Want to enrol on any of the above beauty training courses?

If you would like more information or find out more about how to enrol on these courses please contact us.

PBT can create any package or course to suit just ask we are pleased to help!


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Professional Beauty Training (PBT) was established in 2004 by Joanne Middleton offering a range of beauty, nails and holistic training courses in York.