Halo Acrylic Student Kit (SK103)


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  • Halo Nylon Drawstring Bag – Pink
    N870 Halo Desk Mat 1
    N2905 Halo Prep & Scrub 100ml
    N1189 Halo Elite Nail Wipes (melt-blown) 200s
    N11536 Halo Elite Buffer File 100/180 (pack of 2)
    N11537 Halo Elite Buffer File 220/280 (pack of 2)
    N842 Halo Plush Brush
    N2536 Cosmeticide Spray 500ml
    N2300 Pure Nails Cuticle Feed 15ml
    N330 Pure Nails Acetone 125ml
    N11831 Halo Elite File Zebra Half-Moon File 100/180 Individual
    N11851 Halo Elite File Zebra Half-Moon File 240/240 Individual
    N3304 Halo Acrylic Liquid 30ml
    N3310 Halo Acrylic Powder Clear 7g
    N3345 Halo Acrylic Powder White 7g
    N3340 Halo Acrylic Powder Pink 7g
    N3380 Halo Acrylic Mega Bond 7ml
    N98 Pure Nails Brush On Nail Glue 10g
    N351 Halo Brush Cleaner 100ml
    N2199 Revolution Tips Mixed 100s
    N835 Pure Nails Tip Cutter
    N714 Dappen Dish
    N958 Pure Nails Manicure Tool
    N738 Pure Nails Red Sable Round Brush Size 10
    N121 Pure Nails Cuticle Nipper

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